The Truth about Sales

We often get asked (particularly after any holiday season, green monday, purple Friday etc) are you having a sale? If I come back in x months will y be discounted?  In all honesty, the short answer is no. We don't have sales and hopefully our reasons why, won't surprise you too much.

At From Loft to Loved all of our products are handcrafted. This means that everything is made with quality in mind rather than quantity. As our stuff isn't 'off the shelf we don't have whopping mark ups so our prices are set realistically in the first place.

Each product is made from start to finish by one of our fabulous experts in their own field, whether this be one of Carol's cushions, one of Andrea's leather bags or a glass made by us. Each product has had time, sweat, love and probably a whole host of tears put into it. 

All of our items are priced fairly, based on quality, skill and time. If we were to hold sales, this would mean we would be devaluing our skill sets and our time.

Not only do we promise great quality products, we promise great prices to reflect these all year round. Oh, and we also promise to keep eye rolls to a minimum if you're the gazillionth customer to ask about sales that day 😁.

Much Love

Sarah, Kim and the From Loft to Loved Team