Indoor / Outdoor Hammam Blanket

Indoor / Outdoor Hammam Blanket

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Soft and beautiful blankets by Weaver Green. Soft and lightweight with the exact look and feel of French linen cotton but with an amazing eco-friendly secret! All of Weaver Green's blankets are made entirely from over 300 recycled plastic bottles.

The blankets offer all of the qualities of natural fibres with added stain resistance, water resistance and are all machine washable.

Perfect as sofa or bed throws, even for sunbathing on or wrapping yourself in when the sun sets, these gorgeous blankets will lift any room - you can even use them outdoors.

The blankets are quick-drying, mould resistant and incredibly easy to clean making them a brilliant choice for allergy sufferers, red wine lovers and beachgoers. 

Size: 200cm x 100cm