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Intermediate Screen Printing Workshop

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This is an intermediate workshop for people who have already done the beginners workshop or have an understanding of screen printing.

In the first session you will use techniques to make a stencil. Please bring a drawing or idea of what type of print you would like to make. This can be a quite detailed image. The images will then be sent away and put onto a screen as a semi permanent stencil.

The second week you will spend printing your image as many times as you would like on any flat surface you would like to use (this item can be discussed on week one or if you have any questions please message) More than one colour prints with the same image are also possible in this workshop.
Extra colour can also be added with hand techniques.

Date for second session is 28th March 7-9pm. Please be available for both dates.

Everything you need will be included:
•choice of colour print
•Aprons and gloves if needed (please be aware inks can stain clothes)
•All equipment
•Your screen which has been coated will be able to be taken away.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. Cancellation fees apply.