Journal making craft Taster Session

Journal making craft Taster Session

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Not sure what a “Keepsake / Memory Journal” is? 

Come along and see what it’s all about!


Have a go at making some elements for adding to a journal. 


Take a look at selection of journal kits to see what they contain.


£5.00: tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits included!


A handmade journal is a source of fun and enjoyment. Use it to keep your “memories” safe for special occasions (wedding, new baby, holidays…), use it as a notebook, a diary, a planner, a scrapbook, a place to keep memorabilia, lists and inspiration, for sketches, for those thoughts that pop into your head… You could start a family heirloom journal for future generations… the possibilities are endless!


Keep your “ephemera” scraps safe in the flaps, pockets, envelopes and “tuck spaces”. 


Fill every available space with your words, thoughts, memories, photos... You cannot “spoil” a journal, you can only make it more beautiful by making it “yours”.


Enjoy the feel of different papers, textures and colours, the crispness of new paper and the smell of old paper.


By using old books and papers to make journals, we are helping them to be loved and treasured again.


In this digital world, it is so nice to return to the feel of paper between our fingers.


Long live paper!