Posh Chalk Textured Pastes

Posh Chalk Textured Pastes

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Posh Chalk Textured Pastes have an added grain to allow for great texture building in your projects. They provide further and more exaggerated effects than the smooth pastes.

The textured pastes can be used for raised stencilling (a little like thermographic inks), or applied to wall panels – again, use heat to achieve a deeper texture and greater tactility.…the applications are endless.

Not only are they quick and easy to apply with a palette knife, but they bring another dimension to your workpiece.  By simply adding heat, you will see your paste jump right out at you.

This is a highly pigmented water-based product, it can be used on wood, metal, walls has great adhesion properties and is waterproof.

Pastes are in 170g pots.