3 Tiered Seagrass Hanging Basket

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Hanging seagrass baskets. Bring the outdoors in with this charming seagrass hanging basket. There's plenty of space due to the three tiers, perfect for displaying plants or used in the kitchen for fruit and vegetables.

Beautiful and lightweight, seagrass is made from natural fibres that are sturdy and chemical-free guaranteeing a clean product that is versatile.

Type - Hanging
Style - Trio
Material - Seagrass

Height - 115cm                                                                                                                    Width - 32cm                                                                                                                     

Use for:
Home - Dining Room, Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom, Entryway, Kitchen, Library, Conservatory.
Office - Workspace, Meeting Room, Front Desk.
Other - Bar, Restaurant, Front Desk, Coffee Shop, Shop, Library