Goethe Barometer in a Reclaimed Bobbin Case

Goethe Barometer in a Reclaimed Bobbin Case

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Unique Goethe Barometer within a bobbin frame to predict the weather. The bobbins have been reclaimed from the old mills throughout Northern England and Scotland.

The Goethe Barometer consists of a partly filled glass sphere that has a spout attached to its bottom. The spout is open at the top, which allows the atmospheric pressure to change the level of the liquid inside.
If the pressure rises, the level of the liquid inside the spout drops: fair weather is to be expected. When the atmospheric pressure drops, the level in the spout rises and predicts rain or storm. 
Includes a syringe for easy filling.

An extremely practical talking point that will look fantastic in your home.

For the past 40 years, Seddons have been transforming original antique bobbins and shuttles from the Cotton and Wooden Mills of Northern England and Scotland into unique homewares and gifts. Each piece is handcrafted and is bound to be a talking point in your home.

Their products have been seen on Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones.

Type – Goethe Barometer
Style - Vintage
Material - Wood

Height  31cm
Width  13cm 

Please note, as the product is made from antique bobbins, there may be a small discrepancy in size and colour from the one in the photo.