Care instructions

Your painted furniture will over time take on its own individual patina due to age, wear, cleaning and being exposed to elements. All of this adds to the uniqueness and charm if your piece.

In order to care for your beautiful furniture and ensure it lasts for many more years to come, we hoped it might be useful to have this lovely guide to keep.

Upon receipt of your furniture, please ensure you carefully remove the protective wrapping to avoid damaging your piece. Extra care must be given if using scissors or a similarly sharp item.

All finishes offer some water resistance, however they are not waterproof. With this in mind, we suggest using coasters for your drinks and place mats for your plates. Clean up any spillages as soon as you can to avoid stains using a clean, lint free cloth.
Try to avoid products containing alcohol and be careful with any alcoholic drinks, the alcohol can dissolve the protective layer of wax or varnish on your piece.

To clean your furniture we suggest using a damp cloth and avoid any harsh cleaning products. Surfaces should be dried using a long free cloth to prevent any watermarks. Avoid using liquid furniture polish as their ingredients can cause cracks in your painted piece. Regularly dust your furniture using a soft cotton or micro-fibre cloth.

If your furniture has been waxed, we recommend applying a coat of soft, clear wax every 12 months to keep it at it’s best. Please contact us if you require more information regarding waxing.

We advise that you keep your furniture away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
Never place hot items directly into your painted furniture as this can cause irreparable damage. This also applies to electrical items and candles as scorching may occur after a prolonged period of time.

Painted furniture can alter in colour in natural and electrical light. We recommend rotating any ornaments you may place on your furniture to avoid noticeable patches of colour where the ornament gas stood.
Sharp objects such as cutlery, crockery and pens may dent or scratch the surface of your piece. Try not to be too heavy handed!

Ensure your furniture is placed on a level floor so that drawers open smoothly and doors hang correctly. Over time moisture in the air can cause the wood to expand and you may experience that drawers become a little stuck. If this happens, simply remove the drawers and rub a little wax, soap or a candle over the runners. Et voila!

If your furniture becomes scratched, chipped or stained, we recommend seeking professional help in order to restore it.

Following our guide will ensure the longevity of your piece. From Loft to Loved will not be responsible for any defects on your painted furniture arising from fair wear and tear, incorrect usage, wilful damage, accident or negligence by you or a third party.

Sizing details

Please check the measurements on our listings to not only ensure it will fit into the space planned but also up any stairs / through doorways etc. within your home.

For safety reasons, we would recommend fixing large, heavy or tall items securely to your wall to prevent any falls or injury.



Please note the shipping price given is a guide only.

Furniture can be collected from the shop in Sedgefield, County Durham, in person or a delivery can be made to local areas for a fee.

Within 5 miles £10
Within 10 miles £25
Within 20 miles £40

If you require the item to be shipped then you can arrange a courier to collect the piece or contact us for a shipping quote.

We will endeavour to deliver your furniture within 1 to 2 weeks, and will advise you of any anticipated delay when placing your order. Please note, failure to deliver within the allotted timeframe cannot be considered as grounds for cancellation.