A1 Tuscan Rosa Rice Paper

A1 Tuscan Rosa Rice Paper

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Introducing "The House Of Mendes". A collection of unique designs created by Jonathan Marc Mendes - Painted Love for Posh Chalk's Delux Decoupage Papers.
Inspired by JMM's home the designs are a mix of his own photography, antique art from times gone by original art work. All the designs are limited edition, ensuring a sense of exclusivity in this high quality and on-trend papers.

A strong, semi transparent and flexible paper ideal for decoupaging onto furniture - perfect both for beginners and advanced users.

New to decoupage and wanting to learn? Having over 6 years experience decoupaging with napkins we also offer a decoupage starter kit complete with full instructions and some of the best products on the market. 

Brand - Posh Chalk - The House of Mendes
Style - Tuscan Rosa
Material - Paper

84cm x 60cm

Perfect for:
Decoupage, Furniture Upcycling.

Strong and durable, does not disintegrate and is easy to stick to any surface with any glue used for decoupage. Colours stay bright, do not fade or wash off in contact with water or glue

No preparation required to use, just glue and stick to the required surface.