C.1837 British Coastal Birds in Round Frame

C.1837 British Coastal Birds in Round Frame

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These delightfully detailed portraits of britsh coastal birds reawaken a collection of British natural history illustrations from the mid-19th century. Commanding a room either individually or as a gallery wall of all four,

These antique pieces have been remastered in house by TA Interiors to restore damage, and bring back the original colours, printed with archival grade methods to ensure the highest quality and prevent ageing.

Framed ready to hang.

The round frames are custom made in the UK and are hand-finished.

Based in the North West of England, T A Interiors take pride in producing everything in house, using British suppliers for every component. All of their prints are digitally restored and printed using archival grade, conservation methods in house. Every frame is machine cut, assembled and finished in their workshop to the highest standards.

Please note, these are printed and framed to order and may take between 2-4 weeks.