Fusion Extender

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Fusion Extender works by not allowing the paint to dry quickly, therefore giving you what’s known in the paint industry as “more open time”, which is more working time with the paint before it dries. Extender can help eliminate the appearance of brush strokes.

Once mixed, apply the paint as normal. We recommend 4 hours in-between coats when using the Extender.

Recommended ratio of 15 ml per pint (500 ml) of paint.

Using too much of this product will increase drying time substantially, but will also increase the cure time.  Add maximum 10% of original paint volume.

  • Makes Fusion Mineral Paint and other water based paints flow more smoothly

  • Reduces brush and roller marks

  • Reduces wear on spray guns

  • Cure time may increase depending on how much Extender is added.

  • This eco friendly version does not add additional VOC’s

Preparation - Mix 1/4 a bottle (15ml) – 1/2 a bottle of Extender (30ml) together with a pint. 1 bottle is good for to 2-4 pints. Adding more is not recommended as it will impact your drying and curing time.