Hazelwood Fusion Paint

Hazelwood Fusion Paint

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Hazelwood is a deep grey that feels both warm and grounding. Use it to create dimension as an accent or to make a dramatic statement. This rich, deep, warm tone really shows its colour when compared to the cool toned Soap Stone, and its depth when compared to Little Lamb. Hazelwood is bound to be a go to deep neutral in your home décor for a sophisticated, yet soft rich look and feel.

Pair with:
Cashmere for a neutral look.
Rose Water for a feminine flair.

500ml is enough to cover approximately 7m2.


With exceptional ease of application, and a virtually zero VOC formulation with high hiding coverage and a built-in top coat it’s easy to Paint it Beautiful with Fusion™! With over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from, you can tackle any project small or large!

Go from inspired to admired in just a few hours. Add colour, reinvent and enjoy your time to create. Live with the things you love and DIY the rest. Pick your project, bring home a pot of mineral inspiration, and paint it beautiful!
  • No added VOC’s
  • Minimal prep work
  • Easy application
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Gorgeous matte finish
  • No top coat required

For busy-DIYers, Fusion™ Mineral Paint is the only choice for exceptional colour, coverage and durability. Fusion creates their paint from the pigments up, and formulates it for lasting results.