Round Cling On furniture Paintbrush

Round Cling On furniture Paintbrush

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Cling On! Brushes are the favourite brush amongst furniture painters. Offering superior application, no shedding and a smooth flawless finish. The round brushes are perfect for spindles, chairs, bannisters and detailed work.

Each brush features premium synthetic filaments fully locked in epoxy cement to eliminate shedding, a stainless steel ferrule and beech wood painted handle. Handmade in Holland, Cling On! is designed for all waterborne materials. Brushes are available in round or flat styles.

This listing is for 1 brush only and you have the option of sizes.

Type - Round Brush

Perfect for:
Spindles, Bannisters, Chairs and detailed work.

Superior application, no shedding and smooth flawless finishing.

CARE TIPS: Let your CLING ON! absorb some water before using it, so it gets the proper flex. Remove excess water by spinning the handle between the palms of your hands and it’s ready for use. While painting, re-wet the brush as necessary. Keeping the brush damp will prevent paint from hardening on the bristles and minimize brush strokes. When you’re done painting, rinse, and lay them flat to dry or keep them hanging in water (not touching the bottom). The filaments are specially treated to release the paint. The next day almost all paint will have left the brush. Just rinse, spin out the remaining water and you’re ready to paint again or store the brush.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT remove the strings from the round and/or oval brushes, they are there to maintain the shape of the bristles.