Whiskey Frames - Kiln 1 Frame

Whiskey Frames - Kiln 1 Frame

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The Kiln 1 Frame adds a splash of colour to our reclaimed frames, choose from 8 colours. The back displays the cask's patinated steel hoops and the charred lining that imparts much of the flavour and colour to the whisky.

Kiln 1 holds a 4x6" photo in portrait or landscape orientation. The frame can be free-standing or wall hung. 

All Whiskey Frames are handmade in Scotland from reclaimed oak whisky casks and detailed with genuine Harris Tweed. As the frame is made from reclaimed weathered oak whisky casks, textures and overall dimensions will vary slightly. This will make your frame a “one of a kind”.

Each frame is uniquely numbered to record the casks origin. Its history can be searched using the online Frame Origin Archive.